Welcome to Volvo Penta’s new Nordic & Baltic blog

We are very excited to welcome you to Volvo Penta’s new blog for the Nordic and Baltic markets! This is a platform where Volvo Penta will share knowledge about engines and complete power systems for marine vessels and industrial use, and much more. Whether you work with Volvo Penta and their products today, or are interested in their line of work, this is where you can find useful information.


A knowledge blog about marine vessels and industrial applications

Volvo Penta’s new blog will focus on the professional users within the segments; marine vessels and industrial use, in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In this blog we will write articles related to customer needs, maintenance, spare parts, accessories, environmental care, technologies, customer testimonials, country reports, tips and advice, future trends, news within our industry and much more.

Expert knowledge and long experience in marine and industrial businesses

The people behind the blog articles are Volvo Penta’s staff in the Nordic and Baltic countries and from our professional network of sales and service representatives. Volvo Penta will share their knowledge within their specific area of expertise. The blog is here for you and we will try to answer all your questions and meet your needs of interesting and inspiring knowledge and information. Our goal is that the blog will offer something for everyone, no matter what experience you have in the field, or what specific interests you have in the area.

Be a part of our blog – let us know what you think

We will update the blog regularly with relevant and interesting content. We would also like to encourage you to take part in our blog by commenting on the articles. You should also feel free to share the content on social media, which will increase the chance of more people taking part in the blog. We welcome opinions and thoughts about the content, even tips and ideas of articles that hasn’t been published yet. Your opinion is important!     

Have you been searching for a source of information within the marine commercial or industrial area? Search no more. We look forward to start sharing our knowledge with you, and we truly hope you will enjoy it.

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