Aquila Triventek needs powerful engines for their rail track cleaners

A rail track cleaner might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about application areas for an engine. But for Aquila Triventek, it is just another day at work. The Danish company got an order for three rail track cleaners from the Norwegian State Railways, which they chose to power with Volvo Penta Tier IV diesel engines. For the rail track cleaners to be able to run for 60 kilometres per hour flushing 34 litres of water per minute, the engines had to be powerful as well as friendly towards the environment.

Aquila Triventek manufactures customised high-pressure cleaners

Aquila Triventek A/S offers more than 70 different standard models of professional high-pressure cleaners and various dry ice machinery for professional use. The Danish company is the leader on the high-pressure cleaning market in Scandinavia and also covers most of the market in Europe as well as parts of the South Pacific. In close cooperation with clients, Aquila Triventek develops and manufactures customised high-pressure cleaners for specific use in extraordinary situations.

A cleaning system, a diesel engine and a 15.000-litre water tank

The order for three rail track cleaners to the Norwegian State Railways is an example of such extraordinary situation. A rail track cleaner consists of a cleaning system and a diesel engine that are mounted on a railway wagon together with a 15.000-litre water tank. The nozzles on the rail track cleaners have a pressure of 1200 bar and flush 34 litres of water per minute. The rail track cleaners have a powerful flush capacity because they should operate at 60 kilometres per hour. The high speed allows the rail track cleaner to flush the rails without disturbing the trains or cause delays.

“It is not a coincidence that we choose Volvo Penta when delivering these types of solutions. One of the requirements the three rail track cleaners had to live up to was to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Therefore, Volvo Penta’s 105 kW Tier IV diesel engine was a natural choice for us. Incorporated in the order was also a service deal. The Norwegian partner Remitek will handle the service on the cleaning system and Volvo Penta will take care of the service on the engine”, says Torben Andreasen, Managing Director at Aquila Triventek.


High-end engine components increase the rail track cleaners’ efficiency

Designing these rail track cleaners is really a special assignment. The cleaning system is so powerful that it can wash off marine paint down to the steel. Therefore, the safety aspect is an important part of the design work. Aquila Triventek has chosen high-end components and solutions when designing the rail track cleaners.

“The engine’s placement on the rail wagon makes it almost impossible to change the oil in a traditional way. Therefore, we chose an engine from Volvo Penta that can empty itself of oil when it’s time for an oil change”, says Torben Andreasen.

Thomas Larsen at Volvo Penta Engine Sales, Volvo Construction Equipment, Denmark, describes that when a customer orders an engine, they inform Volvo Penta of how much engine power they need and how much space they have available for the engine. “Volvo Penta has a wide range of engines and we often design special solutions for our customers in order to meet their requirements. Often, delivery time and environmental factors are decisive when choosing an engine supplier. These are areas that we are competitive in,” says Thomas Larsen.

“We got great help and support from Volvo Penta”

Aquila Triventek has delivered many rail track cleaners in the last couple of years. To flush the rails is a common method in order to keep them clean. It prevents the rails from becoming slippery due to for example falling leaves and it removes salt on the rails that can affect the signal systems.

“The production process was very tight with short deadlines. Therefore, it was very helpful that we got the engines delivered together with all the components that we needed in order to install the engine. That had great significance. The total order consisted of four pages and the only thing that we had to order in retrospect was a simple extension to the wiring harness. Otherwise, everything was delivered from the beginning and we got great help and support from Volvo Penta”, says Torben Andreasen.

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