Elektromatik manufactures power generators using Volvo Penta engines

An engine can be used in many different ways. It can operate as a propulsion engine, be on standby as a backup power generator, or be a part of a primary electrical power generator. I sat down with Robert Lundqvist, Engineer at Elektromatik, to talk about how they use Volvo Penta’s engines to manufacture electrical power generators suitable for stone crushers.         


Hi, Robert. Tell me about Elektromatik and what you do?

Elektromatik Power Generation AB is a supplier of complete electrical power solutions. The company was started in 1973 in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, where we today work with sales, development, production, testing, parts and service. Elektromatik delivers both backup and primary power generators. The two types of power generators differ when it comes to needs and applications. Backup generators operate rarely, in short intervals and include electronic control units to enable integration with the grid. Primary generators, on the other hand, need to be durable and operate for long periods of time, often under varying conditions.      

Our backup generators are delivered as units to customers such as hospitals and hydropower stations. However, our primary power generators are mainly delivered to one specific customer, Jonsson & Söner, who specialises in stone crushers.

Can you describe your cooperation with Jonsson & Söner?

We have been working with Jonsson & Söner during some ten years, and have developed a close and fruitful cooperation. We are available if the power generator needs service, and Volvo Penta is happy to help if the diesel engine needs maintenance. Sometimes, Jonsson & Söner calls directly to Volvo Penta, and sometimes they contact us. Together, we offer an extensive and available service network to maintain high uptime for our customers. Jonsson & Söner uses us exclusively as their provider of complete power generators, and we feel safe knowing that we provide affordable high-quality products suitable for our customer’s needs.

How do you customise a power generator to fit a stone crusher?

After ordering the engine from Volvo Penta, we mount the generator and add various equipment such as batteries, fuel system, valves and hoses. We complete the electrical by adding connectors and switches to connect it to the stone crusher. The exterior dimension of the power generator is adapted to the stone crusher. We also adapt the electrical connectors, fuel connectors and heating circuit for easy installation and service. When manufacturing the power generator it is important to consider the harsh environment the machine shall operate in, which includes a lot of dust and vibrations. The generator is highly exposed since it is placed on the mobile stone crusher and not on the ground. Due to these conditions, all the mechanical and electrical equipment are secured against the wear and tear in the stone crusher.  

Due to the dusty environment, the generators need to be cleaned regularly to prolong their lifetime. A swift overhaul including a check of oil and cooling liquid is recommended daily, and a more thorough overhaul is recommended once a week. This also enables you to address other possible faults on your equipment before any damages may occur. If you follow the service recommendations, the generator will operate for about 20 000 hours or more.    

How does Volvo Penta assist you when manufacturing power generators?

We, at Elektromatik, have a great dialogue with Volvo Penta. They are easy to contact and are always available to answer questions regarding technology and other issues. Volvo Penta plays an active role in our manufacturing process, all the way down to the end-customer. A representative from Volvo Penta is present when the stone crusher is delivered to the end-customer. The representative informs about the engine and provides the end-customer with service tips on how to prolong the engine’s lifetime. That way, the end-customer gets to know their contact person from Volvo Penta right away and feels safe knowing exactly who to contact if they have any questions, or if service is required. This is highly appreciated by the end-customer, as well as by Jonsson & Söner and Elektromatik.

What requirements do you put on Volvo Penta as your supplier?

It can lead to serious consequences for our customers if our backup or primary power generators perform poorly. If a backup power generator on a hospital ceases to function it can literally affect lives. There can be major economic consequences if a primary power generator breaks down. To avoid this, it is important to have excellent equipment with maximum uptime and high power output. Therefore, we put high demands on our suppliers. For the right product to be delivered to us at the right time, delivery performance is crucial. It is also highly appreciated to benefit from high-quality products, a large service network, as well as a transparency and openness in case of delays.

We, at Elektromatik, feel safe working with Volvo Penta since they are accessible. They also provide answers to questions from both us and our customers and take all matters seriously, big and small. Thus, we see a bright future ahead, for our partnership as well as our industry.   

Keep an eye out for the next blog post where we will go further into detail about Jonsson & Söner, their business and what their stone crushers need to perform in the best way possible. Please contact me if you have any questions. Don’t forget to visit us on social media and on our website for more information.  


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