High reliability and uptime – a must for engines in tomato harvesters

Harvesting machines have different challenges compared to other off-road vehicles. For example, they need to operate intensely during a short harvesting period to keep the crops from deteriorating. When MTS-Sandei, an Italian manufacturer of tomato harvesters, chose engine supplier for their harvesters, ease of installation and global support were key factors. In this blog article, from another market unit, I will describe how Volvo Penta contributes to reliable and effective harvesting of tomatoes on the Italian countryside.

MTS-Sandei – an Italian manufacturer of tomato harvesters

MTS-Sandei is an Italian manufacturer of harvesting machines. The company was founded in 2003 and is now a global leader, producing more than 100 units per year. Initially focusing on tomato harvesters, the company now also makes units to harvest other crops, such as strawberries, cucumbers, onions and peppers. The machines pick up the fruit or vegetables together with soil and stones and implement mechanical procedures through the optical sorters to separate them until the crop alone is placed cleanly in the trailer. The machines can be customized with a range of attachments to suit the customer’s needs.

High uptime to manage a short harvesting time frame

An absolute priority of harvesting machines is that they need to be ready when the crops is. Also, they need to operate intensely during a short harvesting period to keep the crops from deteriorating. Thus, high uptime and engine reliability are fundamental for the success of harvester manufacturers. MTS-Sandei’s customers have high expectations on the machines and therefore require a high performance engine that lives up to current emission legislations.

An engine with high performance, low fuel consumption and low emissions

In 2015, MTS-Sandei decided to install Volvo Penta engines in all their new and upcoming machine ranges. The company is now launching a new tomato harvester series, which is equipped with Volvo Penta’s TAD871VE and TAD851VE 8-liter engines. The new harvester series has a new transmission and performs more efficiently than the previous series. It also features a completely new cabin and controls for enhanced operation and ergonomics. Ease of installation and global support were key when MTS-Sandei chose Volvo Penta to supply engines for their harvesters.

We needed an engine with high torque at low rpm that was also easy to install,” says Andrea Zanoli, Operations Manager at MTS-Sandei. “As we sell our harvesters to companies that operate in many different countries, with different emissions regulations, we wanted to ensure that the same machine could be fitted with a Stage IV or Stage IIIA engine with no extra effort. Some of our customers don’t know where in the world the machine they purchase from us will end up – so it’s important that we can fit the right engine in the machine at the last minute, depending on its country of use. The Volvo Penta D8 engine is easy to install and has the same footprint in both versions, so that’s crucial for us”.

Ease of installation and global support

With customers and machines operating around the world, it is vital for MTS-Sandei to be able to rely upon the Volvo Penta Action Service network, assisting customers wherever they are in the world, 24/7, in 28 languages.

Our customers often operate in remote parts of the world and, due to the perishability of the produce they work with, it’s important that if things go wrong they know they can get quick and efficient support – in their own language,” adds Zanoli.

Volvo Penta’s premium engineering leads to efficient production of crops

Thanks to the premium engineering that goes into Volvo Penta’s engines, MTS-Sandei’s harvesters have very low downtime and are able to work when needed. Volvo Penta’s TAD871VE is an off-road, 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engine. It features common-rail fuel injection, overhead camshaft, and variable geometry turbo. Optimized SCR technology and a cooled EGR contribute to efficient combustion. The TAD851VE is also a 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engine. MTS-Sandei will be installing Volvo Penta’s EU Stage V engine solution in its machines upon the implementation of the new emission regulation.

We have been working with MTS-Sandei for several years now, and it shows that they value our engines and service by continuing to choose us as a supplier for their new harvesters,” says Renato Deda, Volvo Penta’s Sales Manager, Italy and Spain. “Our engines provide high uptime, low operating costs, ease of installation, and a great service network around the world. As a company, MTS-Sandei has grown well over nearly 15 years, and we’re pleased to be able to partner with them so that their customers get the best production of crops.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog article from another Volvo Penta market unit. If you have any questions about Volvo Penta’s cooperation with MTS-Sandei and their tomato harvesters, feel free to contact me directly. Also, visit our website, social media channels and our Professional Power blog for more information about Volvo Penta and our engines.   

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