IMO Tier III and hybrid solutions at Nor-Shipping 2017

Located on an area of 22,500 square meters, Nor-Shipping 2017 invited the world’s maritime professionals to a four-day long exhibition. The exhibition focused on sustainability and how to create a more environmental-friendly marine industry. Topics such as hybrids and electrical solutions were frequently discussed, as well as the implementation of IMO Tier III standards. And, of course, Volvo Penta was there to participate in the discussions!

Nor-Shipping – the leading event week for the international maritime industry

For over 50 years, Nor-Shipping has been a natural meeting place for key maritime industry players from across the world. Nor-Shipping 2017 took place in a number of venues in Oslo and Lillestrøm, Norway, from May 30 to June 2. The exhibition gathered a great number of speakers, welcomed exhibitors from some 48 countries and attracted over 30 000 visitors from some 75 nations. Nor-Shipping aims to connect, challenge, provoke and inspire the industry while identifying new business opportunities arising in a world undergoing major transformative shifts. Leaders who drive change and utilize challenging markets through outside-the-box thinking meet their peers at the exhibition to share sneak peeks into the marine future.

Hybrids and electrical solutions at the top of the agenda

Nor-Shipping showcases the best and latest in maritime technology, services and solutions. This year, there was a large focus on hybrids and electrical solutions. There is a growing need in the industry for environmental-friendly power solutions and many are interested in discussing what the future will hold. Which solutions that will be delivered and when are some of the questions that many have in the marine industry. And even though hybrids and electrical power solutions still bring great challenges in most marine applications, the development is moving fast. Therefore, we expect innovative and environmental-friendly power solutions taking an ever increasing role in the marine industry in the near future.  

Meet the international emission standards with IMO Tier III

Another hot topic was the forthcoming implementation of IMO Tier III standards, which also was Volvo Penta’s main focus during the four-day long exhibition. Volvo Penta released our new IMO Tier III concept for the marine sector at Nor-Shipping 2017, ahead of further regulations coming into force in Europe. The engine and aftertreatment concept is based on both Volvo Penta’s own experience along with expertise from the Volvo Group in leading selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, resulting in a system that is dedicated to heavy-duty marine operations. Volvo Penta is initially launching its IMO Tier III solution for its 13-liter models as the range is used for a wide variety of marine applications. It will be available for inboard engines and the Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) package.

Our new concept is designed with features and components to withstand the toughest marine environments,” says Johan Carlsson, Volvo Penta’s Chief Technology Officer. “In complying with IMO Tier III requirements, Volvo Penta will meet international emissions standards, offering a truly global solution.

Reduced level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for a healthier environment

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III regulation will stipulate a reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted of around 70 percent, depending on engine size, when compared to current IMO Tier II levels. Volvo Penta’s solution is a simple robust design, with an SCR solution that has been adapted and optimized for marine customers. Exhaust gases are mixed with UREA/DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) in the SCR unit. There is a separate UREA injector pipe. The two alternative exhaust outlets are designed for marine standards and will provide customers with different possible SCR configurations, leading to ease of installation. The DEF tank is designed to hold enough UREA for 3200 litres of fuel, and there are sensors to check the UREA levels and quality; it also includes a dosage pump and control unit. For Volvo Penta IPS, there are also specific features, such as the exhaust bend, to ensure ease of installation and operation.

An engine that is easy to install, operate and maintain

Our IMO Tier III solution is a proven concept for tough marine conditions and will have undergone 20,000 hours of field-testing when it is launched in 2018. The engine has been developed to sustain high backpressure while also maintaining efficiency and drivability. Its twin six-inch outlets enable flexible and easy installation, and piping has also been increased to six inches. The engine will have the same footprint as current models, and the exhaust aftertreatment system works with both Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) and Marine Commercial Control (MCC) systems.

We’ve opted for the use of SCR because it keeps the engine working efficiently with optimized fuel consumption and keeps the power up to the right level,” says Thomas Lantz, Product Planning Manager, Marine Commercial, at Volvo Penta. “SCR is the ideal solution for marine customers. We’ve designed our solution to be compact and easy for customers to adapt to their own requirements. We offer one point of contact and there is no need for operators to apply for separate certification. We are providing a solution which is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to service, adds Lantz.

Volvo Penta – an innovative provider of marine power solutions

We, at Volvo Penta, are very happy with our participation at Nor-Shipping 2017. We had a very successful release of our IMO Tier III concept that was acknowledged by a large and curious audience. Also, we got to meet many of our current customers as well as new, potential ones. We really enjoy meeting professionals in the marine industry to talk about challenges and needs that arise, both on land and at sea. Speaking with the ones using our solutions helps us to develop and be an even better provider of marine power solutions.

Did you visit Nor-Shipping 2017? If you did, please leave a comment about the exhibition in the comment field below. We would love to hear your thoughts! Would you like to know more about Volvo Penta and our IMO Tier III solution, feel free to visit our website or interact with us on social media.

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