“Our customers in the mining industry reduce their fuel consumptions with Volvo Penta’s engines”

The mining industry is special in many ways with rough surroundings and a strong need to maintain a good working climate, for the sake of the operators as well as the environment. I had a chat with Peter Lundmark, Key Account Manager at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, to discuss the high requirements on the equipment in the mining industry, and why they have chosen to power their loaders with Volvo Penta’s engines.          


Hi, Peter! Can you tell me about Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology?

Sandvik is a high-tech, global engineering group with around 45 000 employees. Sandvik’s operations are divided into three business areas; Sandvik Machining Solutions, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, and Sandvik Materials Technology. Within mining and construction industries, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is a leading supplier of equipment, tools, service and technical solutions. Application areas include rock drilling, rock cutting, crushing and screening, loading and hauling, tunneling, quarrying and breaking and demolition. Our operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology and extensive knowledge about industrial processes.    

What requirements do you have on the engines powering your loaders?

The requirements are high on loaders and engines operating in the mining industry. Ore has high density, which means the equipment needs to be strong and durable in order to transport the ore. Some of our customers’ loaders can transport over 1 million tonnes ore per machine and year. In addition, the engines need to have high uptime to maintain a continuous mining process without any disruptions. It is also important to have a good working environment for the operators who are working long hours in confined spaces underground. Engines with low emissions are therefore a requirement in the mining industry.     

How do fuel-efficient engines with low emissions affect your customers’ businesses?

It is very important for Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology to cooperate with an engine supplier that fulfills the specific requirements of the mining industry. The Volvo Penta engines we use in our loaders have low emissions and are fuel efficient, which has led to cleaner air and a better working environment for the operators. In addition, it has led to lower fuel and ventilation costs for many of our customers. Volvo Penta also lives up to our requirement of delivering high-quality service and spare parts. If our engine supplier can’t support us and our customers, it can lead to devastating consequences for our customers’ businesses. Quick and good service combined with a high-quality engine design is an unbeatable combination in the loaders that our customers use.  

Our customers appreciate our choice of Volvo Penta engines in our loaders. With Volvo Penta as our engine supplier, we deliver loaders with Tier 4 final compatible engines, which is a great advantage for us in our communication with present as well as future customers.    


Why do you use Volvo Penta as your engine supplier?

Volvo Penta has delivered engines to Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology for almost a decade now. Their engines fit our loaders really well. We design our loaders to be light and strong. The goal is to transport as much ore as possible and as little machine weight as possible. To achieve that effect, the engine is an important component. As a partner of Volvo Penta, we have the privilege to choose between a wide range of different engine sizes. That allows us to receive engines that are perfectly matched to each machine. To have Volvo Penta as our engine supplier is the best option for us at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

Volvo Penta focuses on productivity and sustainability in the mining industry

Volvo Penta loves to be present in many different industries. That way, we can focus on specific needs and design engines that are supporting a sustainable environment and are adjusted to create value for operators. With our global service and local presence, we focus on creating long-term relationships with our customers and to be more than just an engine supplier. The mining industry is a special industry with tough requirements on the engines. We are proud to be a part of the mining industry, delivering engines with a reliable technology that maintain high uptime and a good working climate underground.

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