Volvo Action Service provides global support around the clock

Since Volvo Penta is a global company with global customers, our power systems are operating worldwide. Therefore, it is important for you as a customer, to have accessible service wherever you are and whenever you need it. Volvo Action Service decreases your downtime by maintaining a high service level. The service is available at all times, no matter what problem you have or where you are in the world.

Maintain high uptime and keep your total cost of ownership down
When working with power systems for marine vessels and industrial use, uptime is key. If a machine would cease to function or an engine would break down, it can lead to devastating consequences for a business. To maintain high uptime and keep your total cost of ownership down, it is crucial that service and spare parts are close at hand at all times.

VAS – available in every language, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
VAS (Volvo Action Service) is a service function that is available for Volvo Penta’s customers whenever they are in need of assistance. The service operates worldwide, in every language, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter what industry you work in, where you are, what problem you have or when the problem occurs – as a Volvo Penta customer you will always have a number you can call. Wherever, whenever – we are there to support.

Volvo Trucks launched VAS about 20 years ago, and a few years later, Volvo Penta joined the service function. Today, VAS provides service and support for the whole Volvo Group. From start, VAS’s main purpose was to be available for breakdown support. Since then, the service function has developed to offer support related to all kinds of problems. For example worn out spare parts and engine replacements. In addition, VAS assists customers in escalating time-consuming service errands. VAS can also act as interpreter, since the service operates in all languages.

VAS contacts the dealer that is nearest and most suitable for your needs
The people working at VAS are technically trained and make sure you receive the best assistance possible. VAS always starts a new case by collecting information such as location, type of problem, type of equipment, serial number and contact information. VAS then contacts the dealer that is nearest and most suitable to handle your problem. The information given by VAS enables the dealer to analyse the problem. Then, the dealer contacts you with an estimated time when your equipment can be up and running again. The dealer reports back to VAS about your agreement. The dealer takes full responsibility for your service. When the service is completed, VAS contacts you one last time to make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

Quick delivery of service and spare parts
The cases that VAS manages have the same priority, except for engine breakdowns, which always come in first hand. In a crisis, and in the unlikely event that a spare part or an engine is out of stock, VAS contacts Volvo Penta. We involve a logistic planner that re-schedules an identical part or engine from the production line or even from an existing order. Another example where VAS can speed up a process is when a dealer needs a spare part in the middle of the night, or during a weekend. VAS then arranges a transport that picks up the spare part at the warehouse and delivers it to the dealer. In most cases, the spare part can be delivered within 24 hours, sometimes even sooner.

Customer case: A marine customer encountered a problem on his vessel
An example of a successful case can be drawn from the marine industry when a customer encountered a problem on his vessel. The customer contacted VAS, which in turn contacted a dealer who performed a troubleshooting on the vessel. However, the dealer could not locate the problem on Volvo Penta’s equipment. After discussing the problem with Volvo Penta, it became clear that the problem actually came from an instrument provided by another supplier. The dealer informed VAS, who contacted the company who sold the vessel, who in turn provided contact information to the shipyard that built the vessel, as well as the supplier of the non-functional instrument. VAS contacted the instrument supplier who accepted the fault and sent back a new instrument that was installed by the dealer, which led to a successful outcome for the customer.

Volvo Penta – an accessible provider of service and spare parts
VAS is a unique network, beneficial in many situations and for many businesses. VAS can assist you if you are overseas and need service, or if you are located in a remote area and need new spare parts. In addition, our dealers can contact VAS when they are in need of information or support. The service offers security for the operators as well as decreased downtime. Marine and industrial businesses can never compromise on production and uptime. An accessible provider of marine and industrial support and spare parts can, therefore, make a huge difference.

We hope you will use VAS as a service for your marine or industrial business in the future. When you do, we would love to hear what you think in our social media channels. Contact me if you have any questions and don’t forget to visit our website for more information.