Stage II & III/Tier 2 & 3

Stage II & III emission technology

Robust and reliable

Meeting stage II & III/Tier 2 & 3 requirements

In order to keep emissions down and meet the demands of Stage II & III/Tier 2 & 3, Volvo Penta has chosen to focus on a solution consisting of a robust engine construction with low complexity. The robust engine design together with the injection system contributes to efficient combustion as well as lowered fuel consumption. The low complexity engine leads to the benefit of easier installation and maximized uptime.

Towards sustainability

Environmental care is one of Volvo Penta’s core values and we work actively to develop resource efficient products with low environmental impact. However, sustainability means more than just emission levels. It is just as much about fuel economy, ease of installations and the total cost of ownership – all the parts that lower the environmental impact of your chosen power solution. Field testing to ensure durability, reliability and suitability for the application in the environment where they are to be used, is conducted and the latest advances in technology are employed to ensure that the engines meet emission legislation.

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Stage IV/Tier 4 Final
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