Make The Switch: How to electrify off-road applications
Make The Switch: How to electrify off-road applications

What do OEMs need to consider to make the switch from combustion technology to electromobility? This guide takes you through the most important aspects of the electrification transformation in off-road vehicles on land.

Electrifying industrial applications brings several benefits for operators, fleet owners, OEMs and last but not least the climate. It offers improved energy efficiency and by extension lower energy costs. Because electric drivelines include fewer moving parts than diesel engines – and therefore less wear and tear – uptime improves too. Converting to electric also opens up new possibilities when it comes to vehicle architecture and design.

The transition has already started in many sectors. In this guide Volvo Penta lays out the ground work for OEMs looking to move from diesel to electric power in applications on land.

The guide goes through:

- Introduction and the state of different industries
- How does your customer use the vehicle?
- Are you ready for full electric or should you go hybrid first?
- What vehicle specifications do you need?
- What are your options when it comes to propulsion and e-motors?
- How does electrification impact safety?

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