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New emission legislations equal new challenges. And new challenges equal new, innovative solutions. To meet the requirements of the new IMO III regulations, Volvo Penta has developed the market’s most compact solution – a uniquely versatile SCR system, based on proven work from our marine commercial applications as well as the collective experiences from the entire Volvo Group. The solution will be available to order in 2022.

The best solution for your vessel

Since January 2021, new NOx legislation is being enforced for marine leisure vessels of 24 meters and above. To meet this challenge, Volvo Penta has developed a uniquely compact aftertreatment system that complies with the regulations while saving both onboard space and costs for owners and builders alike.

Tried and tested in commercial applications

In 2017 Volvo Penta developed its IMO III solution for marine commercial vessels. Since then, the system has undergone extensive testing – both in the development phase and during over 65,000 hours of field tests at sea, under the harshest of conditions. To support yacht customers, Volvo Penta drew on this experience to design a new system for yachts.

High-performance SCR aftertreatment

The marine leisure IMO III solution’s robust and reliable construction is based on an innovative SCR aftertreatment system that is specifically designed to handle high sulfur fuel and to sustain high back pressure without compromising on engine efficiency. This smart and sustainable system is available for IPS and traditional inboard shaft installations.

Benefits for both owners and yacht builders

The most compact solution on the market

The transition to IMO III compliance is made easy thanks to our solution’s compact size and configuration. The after-treatment system can fit in existing IPS engine rooms, which won't need to be re-designed. This in turn means that the precious living space onboard the yacht won't be affected.

No compromise on fuel or performance

The Volvo Penta IMO III solution manages to meet the emission targets while maintaining low fuel consumption. Additionally, the SCR system doesn’t compromise the engine’s power output.

A fully integrated system

The IMO III solution is a fully integrated system, designed, developed and manufactured by Volvo Penta, ensuring a seamless, reliable experience for yacht builders, owners and captains.

Vertical or horizontal installation

The patent-pending flexible and modular outlet can easily be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, adding further flexibility and facilitating installation.

Switching functionality between legislation compliance

The Volvo Penta IMO III solution is designed to allow the user to switch between EPA III and IMO III compliance – ensuring flexibility when using the boat in regions with different emission legislations.

No need for service

The Volvo Penta SCR system doesn’t require service, as it has the same life span as the engine it is coupled with.

Tried and tested to perform

The Volvo Penta IMO III solution has undergone meticulous testing to make sure that it delivers over and beyond what is needed. Explore how the process has unfolded in this video.

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