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Forward Drive

Forward Drive Engine Range

A New Direction of Fun

Uniquely engineered with forward-facing counter-rotating props that pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it, Forward Drive gives small-craft leisure boaters new found levels of versatility, flexibility and comfort.

V6 FWD - Forward Drive
  • 200–280 
  • 149–209 
  • 4.3 
V6 FWD TCC - Forward Drive
  • 240–280 
  • 179–209 
  • 4.3 
V8 FWD - Forward Drive
  • 300–430 
  • 224–321 
  • 5.3–6.2 
V8 FWD TCC - Forward Drive
  • 300–430 
  • 224–321 
  • 5.3–6.2 
Versatility Rules

Forward Drive provides boaters with new, unmatched levels of versatility, enhancing just about every use of the boat, from cruising, to performance, to all types of water sports. With the Forward Drive you experience less noise and exhaust smells, since the exhaust fumes are emitted under the water, which translates into more onboard comfort. Duoprop will give you enhanced fuel economy, better maneuverability, greater low-speed handling and fast acceleration.

The Amazing Forward Drive
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Always in control

With the Volvo Penta range of controls you easily form your complete command center. That means comfortable and ergonomic control of all essential functions like electronic shift and throttle, integrated buttons for engine and drive functions are all in the lever and have a manual override. By integrating your vessel with the optional Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, you can add beneficial functions such as the Glass Cockpit System and enjoy features such as Tow Mode. 

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Features & Benefits

Forward drive is a new propulsion system that leverages Volvo Penta forward-facing technology to deliver amazing results. The innovative system provides versatility, added passenger comfort, efficiency, flexible trim and a host of performance benefits. It’s the most versatile performance system available. With the DuoProp twin counter-rotating propellers that bite hard, you get unparalleled thrust, straight and true tracking plus faster acceleration on the plane. And since the propellers are facing forward, you increase the safety when surfing or waterskiing behind the boat.

The Forward Drive Experience
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Variable trim angles provide the right thrust for leisure cruising as well as top speeds, which are higher than an inboard. And speeding to plane? Much faster than conventional inboards. Turns are much tighter and faster thanks to directional thrust.


Flexibility allows drivers to customize their water sports experience with an adjustable angle of thrust. Variable, downward thrust draws the stern lower into the water. Used in combination with an enlarged trim plate, it fine-tunes your wake surfing wave and wakeboarding wakes on the fly. When on the move, the trim allows effortless, comfortable cruising.


Volvo Penta Forward Drive gives you versatility, enhancing just about every use of your boat, from cruising, to performance, to all types of water sports.


Because the Volvo Penta Forward Drive is under the boat, there’s less noise and exhaust, compared to an inboard installation. This translates into more comfort. And thanks to the Duoprop you get a smoother ride.

Increased onboard comfort with silent shifting

The Aquamatic sterndrive features silent shift, which provides a seamless and soundless shifting.


Speaking of the Duoprop, this Volvo Penta innovation produces better bite, acceleration and speed in a more efficient, smooth way, increasing fuel economy.

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