Norwegian fishermen require fuel-efficient engines when repowering their fishing boats

Someone once said that patience is a fisherman’s best friend. However, I believe a fuel-efficient and reliable engine with high uptime is an even better friend. I met up with four fishermen in the harbour in Sandefjord, Norway, while they repowered their fishing boats. We talked about what demands they have on their equipment, what engine qualities they value and how they can stay competitive in the Norwegian fishing industry.

Keep costs down with reliable equipment that maintain high uptime

Working in the fishing industry is tough and arduous work. Being out on the seas in rough conditions from predawn to sunset, catching tonnes of fish and seafood every year, takes its toll on both the fishermen and their equipment. In order to stay competitive in the fishing industry, it is crucial to keep costs down and invest in reliable equipment that maintains high uptime.

“Since this engine has better fuel economy, it will be much cheaper”

Terje Mathisen and Olaf Thon are fishermen working on the waters outside of Sandefjord, Norway. They have been active in the industry for nearly four decades, and have in the past used competitor’s engines, as well as some older Volvo Penta models. However, when it was time to repower their boats, they decided to upgrade. This time, they chose to repower their boats with Volvo Penta engines and now look forward to a future of increased efficiency.

“Reliability is the most important thing for a boat so that it works well all the time and has the right amount of power. Fuel economy is also very important and I’m pleased that this new engine can fit in my boat easily without it taking too long or costing too much to install. I use a lot of fuel each year, and since this engine has better fuel economy, it will be much cheaper”, says fisherman Terje Mathisen.

The new engine is a little smaller than the one I had before, but it is more cost effective and has electronic controls which makes it easier to use”, says Olaf Thon. “It is better against pollution too. Everyone has to do their best for the environment. I am pleased to be using Volvo Penta again.

Technical expertise and high-quality spare parts in the fishing industry

Volvo Penta has service locations in all parts of the world, and Sandefjord is no exception. These fishermen get their service from Framnes Marine & Industriservice. For Frode Christiansen, the choice to change his old 14-liter engine for Volvo Penta’s 13-liter model was partly based on advice given by the Manager of the Framnes Centre, Kai Tveitan.

Volvo Penta has done a lot to improve their engines in recent years and I believe this will be very good. The new engine will be quieter and cheaper to run, and I think it will function well. Also, the service is very good here. Each day our boats lie in the harbour it costs us money, so Framnes Marine & Industriservice do a lot to help us avoid that. If there is an issue on Friday or Sunday night, we can still call them and they will help us out. That is very special, says Frode Christiansen.

Strong and reliable engines suitable for trawlers

Also, Sandefjord’s trawlermen appreciate good service and availability of spare parts. Tveitan and his technicians at the Framnes Centre also advised trawlerman Øyvind Johansen to repower with a nine-litre Volvo Penta engine when his previous engine’s lifecycle came to an end. He has now been operating his Volvo Penta engine for nearly 800 hours.

I appreciate the service installation work. It is a strong engine that fits the boat and it is the right choice for me, says Øyvind Johansen.

Volvo Penta recognises the challenges facing fishermen and aims to design fuel-efficient and cost-effective power solutions that are suitable to the fishing industry. Visit our website to read more about the D9 MH and D13 MH engines that now powers these Norwegian fishermens’ fishing boats. Would you like to know more about the marine vessel industry in Norway, read our Norway Report: Marine vessel industry from north to south. Contact me if you have any questions and please share your thoughts with us on our social media channels.  

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