Productivity in focus at the world’s largest construction and mining trade fair

Enormous construction machines, a focus on upcoming emission legislation and a general optimism within the industry. This briefly sums up Bauma 2016, the world’s largest trade fair for the building, construction and mining industry. Of course, Volvo Penta was there. In this blog post, I will summarize the seven days spent in Munich. Days that resulted in one of the major events of the year within our industry.


Bauma – a platform for launching news, establishing contacts and building relationships

Bauma is the world’s largest trade fair for machinery and equipment in the building, construction and mining industry. The event attracted 580 000 visitors from 200 countries. The over 3.400 exhibitors shared the area of 605.000 square metres, divided both indoors and outdoors. For Volvo Penta – it was a sight for sore eyes.

Bauma has a huge impact on our industry, since every big actor is there. This brings a unique opportunity to launch news and establish contacts. More than 50 of Volvo Penta’s customers were there to showcase their machines and a major part of these machines were powered by Volvo Penta engines – that is remarkable! There were large drill rigs, stone crushers, high-pressure pumps, cranes and gensets, to name a few. Bauma is an excellent platform to display our products from a customer perspective. The trade fair takes place every third year, and this year, there was a clear increase of the amount of companies that have chosen Volvo Penta to power their machines.

“Building tomorrow” – Volvo’s trade fair theme with focus on productivity

We, at Volvo Penta, were one of many exhibitors and we had an indoor stand together with Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Financial Service. Volvo also had a large outdoor machine show, where the construction machines could prove their worth. Volvo Penta displayed its complete engine range, consisting of 5, 8, 11,13 and 16-litre engines. We also displayed the engines used by Volvo Trucks and VCE to portray “Volvo Engine Technology”, which shows the strength of the common solutions and applications we have within the Volvo Group. In addition to the engine range, Volvo Penta also displayed its after treatment system for lowering emissions.  

On the trade fair, Volvo Penta highlighted the ways in which our products live up to our customers’ demands. Uptime, cost of ownership and an extensive aftermarket support, to name a few. Easy installation is an important factor for us. It is crucial for our customers that the installation process goes smoothly. When installing an engine in a machine, it is important to keep the engine installation as simple as possible, and avoid variations. The emission legislation differs depending on what country the end customer operates in. Volvo Penta has put high efforts into developing a product range that minimizes the required adaptations on our customers machines. Regardless of the emission legislation the machine is intended for.        


Up-time and accessible services are of the essence in the construction industry

It is very important for Volvo Penta to actively participate at Bauma. One of the main reasons why we were there was to continue to build our brand within the construction and mining segment. It is highly valued to be able to present our products and their qualities in this type of environment. Within construction, up-time is of the essence as well as accessible service. Our robust and reliable products, designed for the tough environments in which they operate, combined with our extensive service network, prove that we are among the best in the industry. An important goal of our participation at Bauma was to meet our customers, as well as the end users, answer to their questions and find out more about their needs. It was also a priority to visit and speak to potential future partners, to start new, and continue to build on existing relationships.            

The construction and mining industry is on the rise  

A remarkable thing, which also was a hot topic on the trade fair, is the recovery of the industry. The building and construction industry has had a profound crisis with declining trends. But at Bauma, you could tell there was a general optimism within the industry that has been absent in the previous years. Experts within the industry claim there will be a four to six percent increase in sales this year, and an annual rise of five to six percent within the next coming five years.                 

Environmental care, sustainability and stringent emission legislation

One emerging trend from the trade fair was the focus on environmental care and sustainability. More and more technical solutions are being produced that contribute to less fuel consumption. Another emerging trend was the usage of telematic solutions and how to use wireless communication systems in a smarter and more optimal way.    

The stringent emission legislation is a challenge in our business. It means new and tougher demands on the engine manufacturers to improve their exhaust aftertreatment systems and combustion processes to meet the upcoming Stage V emission regulations. Volvo Penta is ready to meet the legislation. Until they come into force, we will continue to optimize our systems. The goal is to deliver a smooth installation of our engines, as well as more effective fuel consumption.


High quality and cost effective power systems

To sum it up – Bauma was a successful and mind-blowing trade fair. It resulted in seven favourable and interesting days for Volvo Penta. One of the things I will bring back home was the optimism within the industry. That provided a strong motivation to strengthen our efforts in manufacturing and delivering high quality and cost effective power systems for the building, construction and mining industry.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article about Bauma. Hopefully you gained some new knowledge and insights about our industry. Feel free to contact me with any questions or visit our website for more information.      


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