Quickline – in case of engine breakdown

Uptime is of highest importance when working with high power systems in the marine vessel industry. Volvo Penta wanted to create a solution that minimises downtime at engine breakdowns and gets your business up and running again within a few days – the Quickline was born. Now, however, the Quickline is being put to another use as well.


High uptime and engine failures no longer is an impossible combination

The main focus for marine vessel operations is to always maintain a maximal uptime. However, there are a lot of things that can happen when working with high power equipment; severe weather conditions, a lack of spare parts or possibly the worst-case scenario – an engine breakdown. An engine breakdown often means you have to shut down production until the engine is repaired or replaced, which can take weeks. To have such a big gap in production could be devastating for the business. Luckily that is no longer the only option; you can now use uptime and engine breakdown in the same sentence.

Custom-built engine on short notice reduces lead times

Located at the Volvo Penta Production facility in Vara, Sweden, the Quickline helps customers get their operations up and running again after serious engine breakdowns. Regardless of what kind of engine you need to replace, the Quickline can produce and customise an engine specifically for your needs. Initially designed to reduce lead times in the marine vessel repowering business, the Quickline was intended to run parallel to the regular production line at VPP. With a stock of base engines already on hand at VPP, a repowering operation undertaken by the Quickline is incredibly fast.

A complete propulsion package was delivered in two weeks

But lately the Quickline has been put to an alternative use by building customised engines for new projects where a quick delivery time is needed. An example of this is the hybrid-propulsion ship Mystique, which recently had a demanding deadline that Volvo Penta met with ease by using the Quickline. With the rest of the project already finished, we needed to build and deliver a complete propulsion package in less than seven weeks.

“Formally Quickline was used solely for repowering cases,” says Jan-Willem Vissers, Director of Marine Commercial Europe at Volvo Penta. “However, when a quick delivery time is urgently needed, there is nothing wrong with turning to the Quickline for help.”

The hybrid-propulsion ship Mystique was in need of four new engines

Since the factories were operating at half speed during a short summer holiday period, the Quickline was used to meet the fast-approaching deadline. The shipyard building the tanker Mystique, based in Rotterdam, Holland, looked into several other engine providers before selecting Volvo Penta. It was the short lead time that secured Volvo Penta the order of four engines, two of which were built as gensets and two which were used for the ship’s propulsion system.

“Although this was not a repowering project, we were able to provide the shipyard with the four engines they desperately needed in just fourteen days,” Jan-Willem explains. “A success story like this makes a strong case for using the Quickline to aid other emergency orders whenever possible.”

Classified engines from 120 to 750 horsepower

The Quickline can produce classified and unclassified propulsion engines from 120 to 750 horsepower. Volvo Penta can deliver engines that are fully classified according to specific classification societies, all within a seven-day period. However, engine modules and options are more limited to enable a high production rate. Volvo Penta is continuously working on increasing the number of engine models available on Quickline.   

The Quickline – a part of Volvo Penta’s service offer

Since the introduction of the Quickline in 2013, this fast-track production line has been helping Volvo Penta to troubleshoot catastrophic engine breakdowns. Resulting in limited lead times and reduced downtime, the Quickline is a part of Volvo Penta’s service offer, helping customers take the lead in the battle between the man and the machine.

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