Secure your engine’s future with lifelong service

Excellent equipment is key for high uptime and a successful business. Therefore, Volvo Penta strives to be more than just an engine supplier. We believe it is after making business with us that the real work and partnership begin. Volvo Penta provides a wide range of aftermarket services across our global dealer network, with the goal to maintain a close relationship with our customers throughout their engines’ entire lifecycles.


Keep total cost of ownership down and uptime high with well-functioning equipment

No matter what industry, area or business you work in, you always want to keep your engines going and production running. The key to a profitable business is to maximise the engine uptime and in this way keep the total cost of ownership down. To achieve this, you need equipment that not only works impeccably from start, but also has endurance and the capacity to deliver for many years to come. Therefore, the amount of time and money spent on maintenance and service after purchase could either make it or break it.

Volvo Penta delivers a total service offer, not just an engine

Innovation is in Volvo Penta’s DNA, but it doesn’t just apply to the engine technology we use, it also encompasses a host of aftermarket solutions. Volvo Penta provides lifecycle support by delivering a total offer to customers, not just an engine. We work to provide flexible, adaptive and innovative solutions to meet all the customers’ needs. More than simply a supplier, Volvo Penta partners with OEMs and end users to ensure a long lifetime on the engines. We listen to our customers’ needs in order to be able to define aftermarket solutions that work in harmony with their industries’ and applications.

Support and maintenance of industrial equipment all over the globe, at all times

Volvo Penta has a global network with extensive expertise in industrial applications. We provide a variety of service offerings as well as design and installation advice to OEMs and end users, and deliver comprehensive aftermarket support through our dealers around the world. Our network contributes to Volvo Penta knowing where the engines are operating, which in turn enables the company to make sure they are supported, even in the remotest locations around the globe.

“By concentrating on total solutions, we can help customers achieve lower operating costs and better uptime. Creating a close partnership helps them increase their overall efficiency. The goal is to make sure customers feel that Volvo Penta stands behind them and is able to support their businesses in keeping downtime low,”
says Volvo Penta’s Aftermarket Business Development Manager Tony Jacxsens.

Stay up to date with Volvo Penta Genuine Parts

Volvo Penta’s extensive dealer network is enhanced by its access to Volvo Group warehouses and logistics, which guarantees delivery of critical parts within 24 hours in most locations worldwide. Genuine Volvo Penta parts are designed and manufactured specifically for Volvo engines, which means they meet Volvo Penta’s exacting standards. They are also covered by a one-year standard warranty, with the warranty doubling for parts that are both purchased and fitted at a Volvo dealer.

Avoid breakdowns with extended coverage

For additional benefits beyond the Volvo Penta national or international limited warranty, Volvo Penta offers Industrial Extended Coverage (IXC). It gives operators better predictability and control of operational costs and minimising unexpected costs from any unlikely breakdowns. It also allows operators to tailor the agreement to their own requirements. The IXC can cover the whole engine or major components for up to five years or 10,000 operating hours.

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