Moving towards electromobility together with our customers

On our journey towards electromobility, we are keen to have our customers onboard with us. As Volvo Penta starts to work with new concepts, and continues to explore new technology, we believe that the best results can be achieved by working closely together with our customers in both our commercial and leisure segments.

In a world where things are getting increasingly interconnected, we aim to be a part of the creation of a seamless boating experience. We imagine that the boats of the future will be more and more automated, connected, and electric. The transformation of the boating industry presents challenges and opportunities. Not just for us, but for our customers as well. Together, we can develop products that will meet the demands of future boating generations.

An electric sailing catamaran by Fountaine-Pajot

One example of us working with our electric strategy is the electric sailing catamaran pictured above. We work together with Fountaine-Pajot, and have learned a lot from testing our electric saildrive concept. We are continuing to work with and further adapt the concept, based on our customer’s highly valuable input. These types of solutions may also be available to customers within the marine commercial industry as well.

Volvo Penta invited customers to help design the electric driver interface of the future.

Volvo Penta’s journey towards electromobility presented at the Gothenburg Boat Show 2020

The outline of this journey was presented at the Gothenburg Boat Show 2020. Here is an excerpt of Volvo Penta’s president Björn Ingemanson’s presentation:
Our journey towards electromobility on land and at sea is underway. As you may have seen in our recent announcements, this is an area that we will continue to invest in. It is a subject that we will return to in the future.

We have started up initiatives on land and at sea in order to meet the needs of future customers. Due to our different segments, technology maturity, and the current interest on the market across our customer base at sea, we are currently at different stages on this journey, though certainly well underway.

Electromobility Presentation

Volvo Penta’s President Björn Ingemanson, Johan Inden, President Region Europe and Malin Schwartz, Brand, Communication & Marketing.

Accelerated interest in electrification and zero emissions

Johan Inden, President Region Europe added:
In 2019, we saw an accelerated interest in electrification, with a greater focus on achieving zero emissions. There is a gap between general demand and available technologies. Going electric is quite a shift in the way you consume boating. It requires changes to infrastructure, layout, range, et cetera. As an industry, we are facing a challenge as we have to embrace the change that is coming. But, Volvo Penta is a part of that change. We know that the EU has started to discuss upcoming changes for the boating industry, and that is a development that we welcome.

Regardless of the propulsion type – inboard, outboard, electric – Volvo Penta aims to deliver an all-encompassing, seamless, and unique Volvo Penta experience; for boaters and ship owners alike. This cannot be achieved unless we cooperate with our customers. We greatly appreciate our customers providing us with insights from using their concept boats, input from actual boating experiences and ship operations, as well as them sharing their views on future developments with us.

What are your thoughts on electromobility in the marine sector? Why not share your thoughts with us in the comment field below. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and visit our website for more information. Also, do not forget to check out some of the other articles here on our Volvo Penta Professional Power Blog, for example, an article on how we electrify a terminal tractor or how our customers do field tests with our products.

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