Volvo Penta helps Øveraasen clear the runway at airports

Volvo Penta’s engines are found throughout the world, powering everything from groomers on the ski slopes of the French Alps to water pumps working in the Saudi Arabian desert. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Øveraasen, Volvo Penta powers snow blowers at some of the world’s coldest airports.


Øveraasen – experts in snow removal equipment

Øveraasen is a Norway-based leading manufacturer of snow removal systems. The family business has developed and manufactured snow ploughs, snow blowers and runway sweepers for more than 80 years. Øveraasen’s technology is present at almost all international airports; for example Frankfurt, Madrid, New York, and Bangda in Tibet, which is the highest situated airport in the world. In recent years, Øveraasen has invested heavily in developing new and improved products. Their engineers’ and designers’ main focus lies on their customers’ growing need for safe and high performing equipment.   

“If you want proof of how robust these engines are, just look at the TV 1000 at Station Nord in the Arctic Circle”,
says Øveraasen’s technical manager Jan Ivar Thorsrud.

Volvo Penta is outfitting Øveraasen’s TV 1000 Performance Line snow blower

Øveraasen’s TV 1000 Performance Line machine is a high-speed self-propelled snow blower developed specifically for professional snow clearing operations at airports. Its swiveling “flying cab” can be placed in front of or behind the blower chute, providing the operator with maximum visibility when working, and its all-wheel steering makes the TV 1000 highly maneuverable. The heavy-duty snow blower can handle snow depths of up to two metres, and the machine can travel at a speed of up to 60 kilometres per hour. Volvo Penta is outfitting the Øveraasen TV 1000 snow blowers with powerful engines, proving that there are few places on our planet where Volvo Penta’s equipment can’t be found.

The snow blowers are equipped with D16 engines for the snow blowing system and the chassis are propelled with D7 engines. Due to Øveraasen’s focus on new and improved equipment, they are now in by the process of switching to Volvo Penta’s next-generation D8 engines. Two D8-equipped units have already been put to work at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

“Øveraasen has been pleased with Volvo Penta’s service thus far, noting Volvo Penta’s responsiveness to our queries and its strong global support network”, says Øveraasen’s technical manager Jan Ivar Thorsrud.

Volvo Penta’s engines work in extreme conditions

There are several TV 1000 snow blowers equipped with Volvo Penta’s engines in use today, at different airports and air bases. One of them is working at the Danish Defense Command’s Station Nord, in the north of Greenland. That is a place where the Volvo Penta engine really proves its worth. The snow blower works to clear the air base runway, even though temperatures rarely climb higher than 6° C, and frequently drops to -32° C in the middle of winter.

“It’s exciting to work with one of the world’s leaders in snow removal equipment,” says Andreas Hansson, key account manager at Volvo Penta. “We’re proud to be part of this cutting-edge product, and we look forward to a continuous close collaboration with Øveraasen.”

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