Volvo Penta provides diesel engines suitable for forestry

Remote areas, tough terrain and long working hours are a few of the everyday challenges forestry is facing. Forestry is an exciting and promising area, worthy of the best diesel engines the market has to offer. With robust, reliable and cost-effective power systems, Volvo Penta is proving its worth in the forest industry.    


High accessibility and low running costs in the forest industry

The working conditions in forestry are tough, both for the operators and the machines. Thus, it is important to use equipment that is adapted to the needs and requirements of the forest industry. Those operating in the forest industry require reliable and robust engines, to achieve high uptime. High accessibility and low running costs are also highly valued, with the goal to receive a high return on investment, as well as high overall equipment efficiency.    

Volvo Penta returns to the forest industry – starting with Eco Log

Eco Log is a Swedish manufacturer of forest machines. In spring of 2016, Eco Log launched its latest harvesting series, powered by Volvo Penta. The diesel engines are designed for versatile purposes and are characterised by high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emission levels. The engines have been developed specifically for use within forestry. Low weight and compact design are success factors for an effective machine to move around in tough terrain, with minimal impact on the ground. Therefore, Volvo Penta’s diesel engines are ideal for powering the new generation of harvesting machines from Eco Log.      


Environmental care is top priority in forestry

The right placement of a compact engine can lead to an expanded working area for the machine operator. When an engine installation enables a 360-degree reach, many operations can be performed in a short amount of time, creating high production efficiency. More efficient logging and faster access to the timber, decrease the fuel consumption. When the environmental classification, and the concept of the machine lie in forefront, the environment becomes a winner.

“With our powerful and proven technology, our goal is to contribute to an increased productivity in forestry. We strive to be the forestry machine manufacturers’ natural choice of engine supplier. We look forward to initiate partnerships with many more forestry machine manufacturers in the future”, says Johan Burgren, Key Account Manager at Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta offers an accessible service and support network

Volvo Penta’s engines have many strengths, where a few of them are simplicity, robustness, and a technology that combines a powerful engine with low fuel consumption. They offer a limited need for maintenance, which enables longer service intervals. Therefore, the engines can operate up to 1 000 hours before next service. Volvo Penta has a wide geographical presence in the Nordic markets, offering an extensive service and support network with high accessibility and a strong local presence.

We at Volvo Penta see an extensive potential for growth in the Nordic markets within the forest industry and look brightly on the future. We are very proud of our return to forestry!            

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